1997-1999 Jeep Wrangler TJ  4.0L I6 4LTurbocharger Kit Stage 2 New Custom Turbo
1997-1999 Jeep Wrangler TJ  4.0L I6 4LTurbocharger Kit Stage 2 New Custom Turbo
1997-1999 Jeep Wrangler TJ  4.0L I6 4LTurbocharger Kit Stage 2 New Custom Turbo

1997-1999 Jeep Wrangler TJ 4.0L I6 4LTurbocharger Kit Stage 2 New Custom Turbo

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 New 97-99 Jeep Wrangler TJ 4.0L I6 Single Turbo Kit by Phab
100% Bolt On

       Brand new custom designed complete turbocharger kit for the 97-99 Jeep Wrangler TJ. Includes complete easy to follow instructions. This kit includes everything you need to turbocharge your Wrangler on a Saturday afternoon. No cutting, welding, fabrication needed. Designed to work with power steering, A/C (must relocate a component), stock clutch fan, stock battery location, nothing has to be relocated. Everything has been thought of and it's all here for a simple install. Just bolt it on, dyno tune it, and get ready for gobs of torque driving down the street or rock crawling on the weekend. Turbocharging is the answer at high altitudes and keeps a strong HP and TQ curve all the way to red-line. Correctly spec'd turbocharger means low RPM response with no lag for crawling. No expense has been spared in the creation of this package. Intercooler mounts on top of engine (like a Subaru) for 100% protection during off-roading. Make ~ 40% more power over stock.

      Room has been left if the user wishes to run a larger turbocharger in the future for a built motor. Phab is making this a limited production run and once they are gone they will not  be restocked. Get the kit while you can. Pricing is 50% off the suggested retail value. Guaranteed in stock and ships within 24hrs during M-F. 100% money back guarantee and all our parts carry the best warranty in the business against defects. The kit ships via FedEx in the USA and USPS priority overseas (very low SH rate)
. Please read below for all the technical specifications on each included part. Feel free to email us with any questions.

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Piping Specs:
    * Complete hot pipes
    * Complete cold pipes
    * Includes stainless steel exhaust manifold
    * Cold pipes are bead rolled to secure couplers
    * Downpipe with exhaust flange if you wish to connect back
    * Stainless steel construction
    * Mandrel bent
    * Beautiful TIG welds
    * V-band connections
    * Laser cut head flanges
    * Forward facing

Accessory Specs:
    * Includes all needed couplers
    * Includes all needed clamps
    * Heavy duty turbocharger bracket: Mounts to engine NOT body
    * Heavy duty intercooler brackets

(1) Hybrid Turbo Charger:
          * .57 compressor wheel trim mapped for low & high boost setups
          * Oil fitting gaskets & mounting studs included
          * Capable of producing over 400 horsepower
          * Wet float bearings & properly balanced
          * 3" inlet diameter with a 2" outlet
          * .50 A/R compressor housing
          * .63 A/R turbine housing
          * 1/8 NPT oil inlet
          * T3/T4 hybrid

(1) Front Mount Intercooler:
          * Large design cools down the turbocharged air efficiently
          * Strong TIG welds will support high PSI levels
          * Lightweight aluminum racing intercooler
          * Extra thick core provides ample cooling
          * 2.5" cold outlet & 2.5" hot inlet
          * Less then 2% pressure drop

(1) Electronic Turbo Timer:
          * Ensures a proper cool down for your turbocharged car every time
          * Includes pigtail wiring and extra wiring for ease of installation
          * Important to preventing premature turbo wear and failure
          * Mounted inside the vehicle for on the fly adjustments
          * Precisely calculates the cool down period for the motor
          * Auto mode feature creates a hassle-free operation
          * Increases turbocharger's operating lifespan
          * Bright Easy to read LED Digital Display
          * Failure to reduce the temp of the turbo could result in "coking" of oil inside the turbo

(1) Wastegate Dump Tube:
          * Allows wastegate exhaust gases to cleanly exit the engine bay
          * Laser cut flanges
          * Mandrel bent stainless steel
          * Beautiful TIG welds
          * 2 bolt flange style
(1) High Flow Intake Filter:
          * Protect the turbo system from debris
          * high flow unit
(1) 35mm Wastegate:
          * Protect the turbo system from over boosting by venting surges
          * Includes complete install kit featuring gaskets and flanges
          * Strong construction provides years of reliable service
          * Anodized show like finish
(1) Boost Controller:
          * Can be setup to adjust boost PSI on the fly
          * Can be adjusted for any PSI level desired
          * Control your boost with a precise click
          * Includes complete install kit
          * Anodized aluminum finish
(1) Blow off Valve:
          * Protects turbo by venting when shifting and/or reducing throttle
          * Performance design prduces a powerful & aggressive sound
          * Quality design will not leak under high boost conditions
          * Flanges installed at user discretion
          * Includes complete install kit

(1) Turbo oil Line Install Package (oil feed + oil drain lines):
          * Necessary fittings and clamps for a complete installation
          * 5/8” high temperature 550psi oil return line
          * Premium gaskets & hardware for the turbocharger
          * straight high strength oil feed line
          * High quality oil feed fittings

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