Does MMI SPEED SHOP offer a turbocharger system for my application?

MMI SPEED SHOP offers turbocharger systems for most popular GM, Ford, Honda and Dodge cars, trucks, and SUVs. If we do not have a complete system for your application, we can refer you to a custom kit manufacturer for further assistance.

What kind of performance increase can I expect from a turbocharger system?

A 40% to 60% horsepower improvement, depending on the application. MMI SPEED SHOP systems are designed to work within a reasonable margin of safety yet modified engines can easily yield improvements exceeding 100% (this may require the additional changes to the turbocharger, fuel system, ignition system, computer system, and internal engine and driveline components).

What does a turbocharger do and what are the advantages over other performance modifications?

A turbocharger compresses the air/fuel mixture of an engine by forcing air into the engine under pressure. Turbocharging increases air density and significantly increases power on an otherwise stock engine. In short, turbocharging makes a V-6 perform like a V-8 and makes a small block V-8 perform like a big block V-8. Increasingly OEM manufacturers like Ford, GM, Mazda, Mercedes etc that offer factory installed turbochargers on several models due to the tremendous benefits. Turbocharger systems offer more HP per dollar than any other single engine modification.

What internal engine modifications are required to install a MMI SPEED SHOP turbocharger?

All MMI SPEED SHOP turbocharger systems are designed to work with stock engines and all emissions equipment. If more performance is desired, upgrades to the injectors, heads, cams, intake manifolds, computers, mass air flow sensors, etc. can be built into the engine. NOTE: MMI SPEED SHOP turbocharger systems are designed for 100% stock vehicles. Any modifications other than the supercharger may require the additional purchase of larger fuel injectors, a larger fuel pump, custom computer tuning, auxiliary ignition system with boost timing retard, and potentially, internal engine modifications. MMI SPEED SHOP can assist you with general guidelines but we do not recommend brands, or specific combinations.